Ethan Kight, Founder

The Regular Prepper Blog began in 2017 with one very specific goal in mind: bridging the gap.

Many preppers, myself included, grew up hunting, fishing and exploring the great outdoors, learning valuable skills along the way.  We know how to shoot, build shelters, create life-sustaining fire, purify water, secure food, and blend into our environments. These skills translate directly to emergency preparedness and thus provide us with a significant advantage over those who did not grow up that way.

I also spent six years in the United States Air Force working as a nuclear security specialist. During my time in the military, I trained and operated in weapons, tactics, communication, and security operations.

But for many, survival is a foreign concept as it relates to self-defense, self-reliance, and sustainability.

My objective in this blog is to bridge the gap between the die-hard survivalists and those with little to no experience. I want to boil the basic survival concepts down to simple, easy-to-understand guidelines void of the technical jargon.

My hope is to deliver survival-related content in a way that is both engaging and actionable for everyone, regardless of their skills or background.

So whether you are a rookie survivalist just getting started or a veteran woodsman with years of experience, my hope is to serve you with valuable content and inspire you to take your survival into your own capable hands.


Ethan K.

Founder, The Regular Prepper Blog