Why should I worry about my own survival? I can just call the police, right?

There is a fundamental disconnect occurring in our society and it’s high time we address the problem.

We (I’m looking at you, my fellow Americans) have built such an effective safety net around ourselves that we are no longer forced to come face-to-face with the reality of our existence. Our police, firefighters, and EMS personnel are the best and most effective in the history of the world, and we’ve taken advantage of that fact by shirking the responsibility for our own protection onto them alone. We know that no matter what trouble we might find ourselves in, help is only a phone call away.

I believe the time has come for a complete paradigm shift in this culture regarding who is ultimately responsible for our survival. The simple fact is, we are responsible for our own safety. Not the police, not the military, not the paramedics. Let me be clear: if you find yourself in harm’s way, you should call 911. However, we should not simply place our fate into the hands of others while standing idly by as mere onlookers to our own lives. We should be eternally grateful for the work these brave professionals do and support them by supporting ourselves.

Self-reliance requires time, tools and training. It requires that we study the long-lost arts of surviving in the wild, building shelter, acquiring food, and purifying water to drink. It requires that we arm ourselves with tools and weapons to fend off would-be attackers, and put forth the necessary effort in mastering their use. It requires that we take an honest look at our physical well-being, and improve our muscular strength and endurance so that we can effectively run, jump, and fight if we must. Most importantly, self-reliance requires that we adopt a frame of mind conducive to enduring hardships, both mental and physical, and overcoming these struggles by the power of intestinal fortitude.

From this day forward, I challenge you to begin taking steps toward establishing yourself as your own protector. Read a book, take a CPR course, or enroll in a gym membership. Do some research into the basic elements of survival and begin thinking about the tools and training you will need to acquire. Becoming self-reliant is a process, and the earlier you start the more prepared you will be if a crisis occurs.

Remember, you are responsible for your survival. It’s time to take your well-being into your own capable hands.



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