In spreading your efforts across many goals at once, you fail to master a single one.

Surviving a crisis requires tools, knowledge, and most of all – planning.

This planning requires many elements to be in place, and boiling them down to a simple step-by-step process can be daunting for rookie survivalists. Acquiring the tools and knowledge to survive is a process, and you should have realistic expectations about the time this is going to take. The key to getting started on the road to preparedness is prioritization of those basic elements which are fundamental to your success.

By applying a laser-focused intensity toward only one objective, you can begin to eat the elephant of prepping one bite at a time. Zero in on the most important elements first, leaving the extras and nice-to-haves for later in your journey.

Start by reviewing the graphic below, and pick the element you believe is most critical first. Begin to learn about the steps you should take to cover each part, and check them off when you’ve got them covered.

Print this infographic at home and pin it up somewhere to keep it fresh in your mind.

Survival Basics Infographic

With this basic road map in place, you can now begin to tackle each objective one by one. Stay tuned to the Regular Prepper Blog for in-depth discussions of all the elements in a survival preparedness plan.

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