Building a bugout bag doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to be deliberate.

A bugout bag is a staple in any viable preparedness plan.

In the simplest of terms, a bugout bag is a wearable pack containing basic survival supplies that can sustain you for a limited amount of time. If disaster strikes, bugging out to a safe location may be your only option.

Your bugout bag should be unique to you and the environment in which you live. Here in the Rocky Mountain West, the elements required to survive in the wilderness are much different than those of someone who lives in a tropical climate. With that being said, there are some fundamental elements to a bugout bag that apply irrespective of geographical location.

Print this handy guide and use it to ensure you’ve the basics covered.

BOB Essentials Infographic

While there are certainly many more tools I would recommend having in your bugout bag, the basics shown here provide a good starting point for the rookie survivalist.

Stay tuned to the Regular Prepper Blog for more in-depth discussions on bugging out.

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